Links Badge and Other Yahoo! Site Explorer Updates

It’s nice to see Yahoo! Site Explorer launching new services aimed to empower its users.

From its Yahoo! Search Blog entry, additional features were introduced.

  1. Links Badge. Instead of going through the text box and typing in, Yahoo! provides a badge that shows the number of links pointing to site or the page that contains the badge. It reminds me of the Alexa Site Rank that shows traffic rank, links in and user rating. (An example appears at BuildingBrands Stats page.)
  2. Suggestion Board. An even cooler feature is the Yahoo! Site Explorer Suggestion Board which asks for user feedback on specific Yahoo! services (page title shows “Autos”), among which is the Site Explorer Suggestion Board. One good suggestion I saw was adding access to Yahoo! Site Explorer account, similar to Google Analytics (although GA is not exactly an counterpart of Yahoo! Site Explorer). It even shows an indicator that the suggestion has been read by Yahoo! employees for further action.
  3. Meta Tag Authentication. Similar to Google’s Site Ownership Verify Tool, this new feature becomes handy to sites whose webmasters update content through browsers only and can’t upload files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  4. Delete URL. This refers to the authenticated URLs within Yahoo! Site Explorer. Obviously we can’t remove a URL from Yahoo!’s index if we don’t have the right to do so. In comparison, Google’s remove URL feature is much more comprehensive.

I see Yahoo! Site Explorer forming itself to be a robust collection of webmaster-related applications which appear to rival that of Google Webmasters in terms of scope and versatility.

Kudos to Priyank Garg, Amit Kumar, Apostolos ‘Lakis’ Karmirantzos, Di Chang, Judy Johnson of Yahoo! Search.

Now, is MSN Search going to provide similar services?