Live Search Webmaster Tool Issues

It has been reported that Live Search Webmaster tool has been upgraded that it now looks like a legitimate help for webmasters who care about the appearance of their websites on Live Search. The announcement of the update has been greeted with excited although many were open about telling the issues.

A quick guide on the new features can be found at SEOMOZ, where it has been revealed that the linkomain tool which used to work at MSN Search but doesn’t anymore, can be applied within this tool.

Page Score shows the Top 5 Pages which I myself don’t understand. Is it in terms of link popularity, most visible page within Live Search, etc? All I see are five green squares, language (which doesn’t matter that much), region (ditto). The Blocked column certainly would have a NO in my opinion because a page almost certainly won’t belong to a Top 5 if it is block since it will not be visible in search results. Last Crawled means something and indicates that crawling frequency of our site’s Top 5 pages, whatever that tag means, can be very sporadic.

The robots.txt checker tool should work pretty similar to the one’s at Google Webmaster Tools and I tried to verify the robots.txt content of one client website. However, when I checked it, I saw the message that appears to give me a hint that I am supposed to fill in a sitemap.xml content and not robots.txt content. (See image).

Live Search Webmaster Tool Issues

Live Search Webmaster Tool Issues

Under Crawl Issues – File Not Found (404), the site I am examining has 85 problematic URLs as indicated in the “Results 1-20 of 85” display. But when I click the “Download all results” and open an Excel spreadsheet with list of URLs, I only see 47 URLs. You may say maybe it’s because some pages appear on different URLs but refer to the same content. Nobody knows because I can only see the first 20 URLs and there is no pagination that shows the 21st to 40th and so on.

Certainly, because of Google and Yahoo’s advanced methods and logical ways of presenting tools, the incompetence of Live Search’s Webmaster tool is often magnified. No wonder it rarely generates a buzz.

I’d cross my fingers and hope that the nice folks at Microsoft will be able to address outstanding issues or at least answer my question.