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Live Search, Where’s Your Sitemap Promise?

I wonder how you guys feel about Steve Ballmer. Reading his controversial — if not downright insane — messages, watching him act like a front act rock star in a Microsoft gathering and his words belittling Google’s growth are just a few of these attention grabbing stunts I see in him. I doubt if his Swiss-Belarussian ancestry has to do with it but it appears that fellow billionaire dropouts Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell are more educated than him.

Steve Ballmer

Enough of that Bomber Ballmer rant.

MSN Live Search excitedly promised last November about Google and Yahoo!’s coming together to support Sitemaps. And while they did not promise what exact date they will roll their version, Ken Moss’ MSDN blog mentioned that

…we are working hard to release full support in 2007.

which means MSN Live Search is still on track on its promise.

I won’t blame some folks starting to clamor three months after that November statement. We don’t know how many man-hours is necessary for MSN Live Search to pull that thing from the labs. But if Google and Yahoo! made it quite quickly, what took MSN this long?

Are Live Search folks are putting up Sitemaps PLUS backlink data, index data, crawl rate and other features that will dwarf Google Webmasters tool?

Maybe I am wrong about Steve Ballmer.


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