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Long Tail: The Funny Search Phrases

Looking at my Living in Hong Kong blog’s web analytics data, here are some quirky terms I scooped out.

126,923 are you kidding me
I guess it’s one of those who read my blog about the price of a square foot in Causeway Bay property, and s/he vividly remembers the “are you kidding me” part.

I don’t think so. They should have their toilets where they urinate and it’s derogatory to think that Indians urinate on the floor.

mongkok fake
Yes, it’s well known to everyone. In fact, piracy and faking is rising worldwide.

“domestic helper” +agency “hong kong” +sincere
This must be an employer who have been duped by his/her helper and wants to find one who is truthful and sincere. But if the accusation is wrong, will this employer be able to find an ideal household helper?

(year 2005) of hong kong eating disorder association limited
This man or woman must be looking for an organization of people who share the same eating problem.

60 reason lived too long in hong kong
60 reasons must be too long to elaborate but indeed it’s nice to live in Hong Kong!

andy lau tak – wash
This search must be about the popular entertainment icon of Hong Kong, Andy Lau Tak-wah. Nope, that’s not wash, ladies and gentleman. Or maybe I spelled it that way which lead this confused searcher to my page?

does my baby need his own passport to go to hk
Yes, sir/madam. He can’t borrow someone else’s passport.

disneyland hk wrong or fail or mistake
For lack of proper description of Disney’s “misfortune” this boolean-powered search contains all negative descriptions you can pin on Hong Kong Disneyland to find the right page.

deadline landlord emergency complain no shower
Must be from someone who just got disconnected supply of water in the middle of a melodious evening shower. Call 999: What should I do if my landlord suddenly disconnects my water supply for failure to pay rent on deadline?

headache money maids hong kong
Maids have lots of headaches: too much work, too much nagging, less rest and less money.

hong kong disneyland entrance fee for +children burned in 1997
Did you mean: Is there Disneyland entrance fee for children who were born in 1997? (I believe there was a promotion during the 10th Anniversary of the HKSAR.)

hong kong common slang in secondary school
From someone who fail to catch the latest trends within the evolving world of Cantonese dialect.

hong kong airport sent filipinos back
This might be from a first time Filipino traveler to Hong Kong who is wary Hong Kong immigration is going to deport him/her for one reason or another.

hong kong people are pigs?
Yikes, is this true people? At least we’re done with Year of the Pig.

how can i watch hong kong’s television channel
Answer: Get a television and turn it on. Hint: Most probably would work if you’re in Hong Kong.

singapore is to india what hong kong is to china
Someone who is currently taking his entrance exams sneaked into an Internet-powered PC to find the answer to this analogy.

special pass for pregnant lady at disneyland hongkong
Oh, be careful. Even if it’s free, you may not be admitted to many rides.

what the lucky number today for hong kong mark six
I am sure even Hong Kong Jockey Club doesn’t know the result for tonight’s lucky draw. So can I pass you to the Random Number Generator machine?

It’s fun to see these phrases. They’re so unpredictable that I confess I’ve never really optimized my pages for these keywords. That’s why I’d say that we don’t need to optimize for these long tail keywords.


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