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Looking for Hong Kong Disneyland?

I am astonished to realize that the web site I am maintaining, www.sfc-hongkong.org, is ranked 11th on Yahoo! Hong Kong for �Hong Kong Disneyland� phrase, and number one non-Chinese web site in the ranking which lists 2.05 million related pages!

Having said it, the site is at page two of search engine results and it means not a lot of people are going to reach such page and click our link.

We had a minimal mention of Hong Kong Disneyland (we had a little countdown on its opening day) and not really aiming to rank high on that keyword. But with such good placement, that only shows that best practice SEO isn�t always done in a scientific, drill down, hardcore research and evaluation. Simply, provide what people are looking for and serve it nicely on your web pages.


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