Making Hong Kong Space Museum Site Search Engine-friendly

Hong Kong Space Museum is Kowloon’s wonderful education/entertainment facility located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, it has a planetarium in the form of a distinctive egg-shaped dome. Hong Kong Space Museum
While its physical structure is something that is difficult to miss if you’re around Tsim Sha Tsui’s waterfront area, its web site is difficult to find when using search engines. In fact, it’s not listed on search engine results at all. Yes, Hong Kong Space Museum isn’t indexed by Google and only its homepage is visible to Yahoo!.

We try to examine the problems that prevented the site from appearing on search engine index databases (main or supplementary).

Domain Age
Using the Domain Age Tool by the site is four years and seven months, long enough to escape Google’s time-dependent requirements.

Using Yahoo! Site Explorer to determine the amount of backlinks there are 1,197 inbound links. That number is sufficient enough to warrant indexing and much more than many other sites that are comfortably included on search engine results.

HK Space Museum web site

Problem and Solution

It isn’t difficult to find out why the site of such magnitude of popularity does not appear on Google search results. Inside pages of the Hong Kong Space Museum are hosted by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department web site and typing yields the same page. Therefore, Google deems this content found at the homepage as duplicate and ignores it on search results. The 1,197 inbound links did not help.

There are a few basic things that can be done to improve the prominence of the site (Its contents are available on search results using the LCSD site)

  1. Avoid using frames when rendering web pages.
  2. Improve site navigation such as using alt text or replacing the Flash menu with text menu.
  3. Use text headers instead of images.
  4. Improve folder structure by considering only up to three level deep subfolders.
  5. Do a thorough site check on spelling, grammar and punctuations.
  6. Keep up the regular site changes (schedules, topics, promotions).
  7. Create a real Sitemap file. The current one displays an outdated template page.
  8. Alt attributes contribute, and improve the page titles and meta description. As of last check, the meta description of the site focuses on the Space Museum’s history instead of the whole web site:

    The construction of the Hong Kong Space Museum commenced in 1977.

  9. Create a sitemap and improve intra-site linking.

Meanwhile, I will be looking forward to watching the show “Mystic India” at Hong Kong Space Museum on Thursday.

I love astronomy so I care about Hong Kong Space Museum.