Marketers Demand More Data

From the figures we read on news dailies, the amount of money spent on online advertising is growing steadily. Thanks to the growing number of Internet users, cheaper cost of online access and the supposed easier means of measuring online traffic.

But with the higher online spending, marketers see the need for more reliability of data to ensure proper accountability of ad sellers. Many U.S. companies think publishers should be hiring auditors to check ad performance and number of viewers who saw their displayed advertisements.

The issue of click fraud did not seem to calm down even as Google recently rewarded its advertisers with refunds as part of the Google Click Fraud Settlement. Causes of click fraud can range from purely monetary reasons to clicking a competitors ad to get it removed from the listing as its daily click limit is reached.

With this development, I think that it will even be a good case for publishers to get more marketers to sign up for online ads, as more meaningful information gets divulged. With better ad performance monitoring, marketers get assured that the number of people who visit their site are credible and not inflated.