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Most Popular Google, Yahoo! and Ask Search Terms of 2008

As we draw near the end of 2008, Yahoo! Buzz presents the most popular keyword searches of the year:

1. Britney Spears
2. WWE
3. Barack Obama
4. Miley Cyrus
5. RuneScape
6. Jessica Alba
7. Naruto
8. Lindsay Lohan
9. Angelina Jolie
10. American Idol

It seems that Britney Spears is perpetually popular search phrase, and not even the popularity of President-elect Barack Obama can shake the term from the top spot.

Ask provides a similar name, calling it “The Real Deal Searches of 2008

1. Dictionary
2. MySpace
3. Google
4. YouTube
5. Facebook
6. Coupons
7. Cars
8. Craigslist
9. Online degrees
10. Credit score

Google, through its Google Base application, also released its top searches:

1. nintendo wii
2. wii fit
3. ipod touch
4. xbox 360
5. nintendo ds
6. ipod nano
7. uggs
8. nikon d90
9. zune
10. digital picture frame

And each search engine seems to have a theme of its own in terms of the set of top keywords listed. Yahoo! is more of celebrity-oriented, Ask is more of generic search terms and Google is into gadgets. Maybe coincidental but it also raises curiosity.


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