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10 Most Read SEO Hong Kong Articles of 2009

Happy New Year from SEO Hong Kong!

Just before we put 2009 totally behind us, SEO Hong Kong presents its most read blog posts of that eventful year:

1. Giordano’s Online Shopping Site
A review of how Giordano organizes its website and implications on search engine marketing.

2. Broadway Electronics: When Competitor Steals Your Traffic
A brief examination on how a search for ‘broadway’ electronics queries displayed a competitor’s (Fortress’) website appearing on top of search results.

3. Learning from Langham Hotels Social Media Experience
A blog post that describes how a social media campaign transpired and explores how could such mistakes have happened.

4. Google Maps Hong Kong Now Even More Useful
Introduces one more reason why we should use Google Maps.

5. Is IKEA Hong Kong A Real IKEA?
IKEA Hong Kong’s seemingly inferior website compared to its foreign counterparts prompted me to ask the question.

6. China Search Engine Market Share: 1st Qtr 2009
A periodic report on China’s search engine market share earlier this year.

7. 12 SEM, Paid Search, PPC Job Interview Questions That Make Sense
A dozen possible questions (and answers) your next PPC job interviewer might ask you.

8. 28 SEO Job Interview Questions That Make Sense
A list of organic search job interview questions and answers.

9. Check Google Analytics Code With SiteScan
Not sure if Google Analytics tracking codes have been installed on your web pages? Check this out.

10. Free SEO Seminar Success at HKUAA
I had free SEO seminars held in March and September and both had good turnouts.


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