My Thoughts on the New SE Roundtable Site Updates

Search Engine Roundtable revealed an all-new site layout update dubbed “version 3”.

At first glance I thought it’s a little bit similar to Search Engine Land especially the presentation of ads.

SER has its ads appear more prominently than in SEL although the former claims that there are less ads displayed.

* New look
* Less ads
* Revised authors page
* Revised the forums page
* Archives page jazzed up
* Revised awards pages with added testimonials
* Revised seals page
* Easier to use contact forms
* Google Coop powered internal search feature
* Easy to understand subscribe page
* Added recent entries page via left side bar
* Revised advertise page
* Easier to submit threads for consideration
* Added custom 404 pages (forgot to mention this)
* and more…

Font size is now bigger which means articles are readable without changing the font settings on anyone’s browsers. I still prefer the Georgia-esque typeface though.

Comment posts are now easier to read as well.

By removing the horizontal menu, content is pushed closer to the top which means less scrolling for readers.

Here are my comments:

  • It is unclear to me what is the difference between OUR forums and THE forums even if I tried to get the hint by doing a mouseover on these menu items.
  • Barry was linking the “subscribe” item in the list to a page that does not exist.
  • The blue color of the post title seems a little off within the context of the entire site although it’s perfectly readable.
  • The box that contains all social bookmarks don’t maintain consistent typeface use and social bookmarks text themselves are not clearly displayed. Maybe a change in font color?
  • Comments layout can sometimes be confusing. Comment authors appear on top or bottom (because they appear outside the brackets)?
  • I haven’t tried posting but I see no intro that tells me I can place link within my comments. Nevermind if it’s a nofollow one, it’s about convenience clicking on a link rather than copy and pasting it.
  • I don’t know how contents of SEM Forum Threads are updated and based on what condition. I think it will be better to place the recent articles/blog posts and recent comments in that section.
  • Non-hyperlinked text at the footer is virtually invisible.