My Web Wednesday Experience

I had a chance to visit December’s session of Web Wednesday and went there with Ginny and Yuen-man, our new Project Manager in the office. The venue is quite a walk towards Mid-Levels and I am glad to be gifted with clear vision before we overshoot the direction to Lotus, the location of the night’s vision.

When we arrived, the talk barely started and with everyone in the room much more punctual than we were, almost all seats were taken. Anyway I had a good view of the host Napoleon and that night’s guest Sean Seah of Zuji Hong Kong. Along the middle of the question and answer portion, late comers stuck on the other half of the room started their usual networking talks that their voices overwhelmed the voices on the other side. In the process, I met Sam, a long-time reader of my Hong Kong blog and SEO Hong Kong blog; Angus Lau of 852Signal and Ed Chok of Dookaz. I am likely to attend the BarCamp HK which will be held at Yahoo! offices in Sunning Plaza in Causeway Bay on the 15th of this month.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. I met a few new friends, got a feel of how this stuff works and it seems everyone is having a good time.