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New Google Suggest Features

Google has released an update on its Google Suggest service. To the uninformed and unaware, Google Suggest is the application that provides suggested keyword queries once we start typing the first few letters of your search query. To some, it helps save time typing (and retyping when making mistakes). To others it allows them to pick a more appropriate term. So in general, this is a helpful application to use.

But Google has took it to another level and fine-tuned Google Suggest.


  1. Google Suggest Based on Search Results Page
    Google Suggest based on search results

    Refining your search query because you didn’t find any suitable search result? By taking cue from your current search results page and/or previous search phrase, Google Suggest hopes to serve more accurate search results based on refined suggested terms.
  2. Google Suggest Based on Personalized Search
  3. Google Suggest based on personalized search

    Google’s personalized search feature was aimed to help individuals achieve search results based on history of search activities. Google records terms that yielded desired results. To activate this feature, Google account should enable Web History.
  4. Google Suggest Based Navigational Suggestion
    Google Suggest Navigational Suggestion

    In case you know what is the exact name of website you plan to go to but can’t figure out the URL, and hence you searched for it, Google Suggest might be able to reduce your search time. It now introduces search suggestions that include URL of the best matched term. If you think that’s it, you can simply click on the suggestion and go directly to the website without passing through search results.
  5. Google Suggest With Paid Search Ads
    Google Suggest with paid search ads

    Google Suggest now integrates paid search ads to certain search queries specific to certain products or services advertised in Google AdWords. Google will always find ways to make money off its applications. And since Google Suggest involves keywords and clicking, it will be an opportunity to display paid search ads right within the suggested terms. I hope it displays the right ads, given that these ads are displayed even before someone finishes to type his/her search query.

Photo credits: ubbez and Official Google Blog


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