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Not All Bad Links Deserve Penalty From Google

Not All Bad Links Deserve Penalty From Google

One of the things webmasters and website owners worry about Google’s Penguin update is that their sites could get penalized for getting/placing links that appear to be spammy or outright harmful. Well, Google has issued a statement that not all links that look bad automatically issue penalty for pages they link to.

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Although Google mentioned almost three years ago not to worry too much about bad links pointing to our sites, it wasn’t until recently that it has come in the open and told everyone that links from a specific site should not be a cause of concern.

For instance Google’s John Mueller cites as a site whose links pointing to websites will be ignored, instead of being subject to penalties. So if you check Google Webmaster tools and find linking to your site, that’s one less worry to think about.

So we know not all bad links deserve penalty from Google. Others just get ignored.


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