Official SEO Guide From Google

There are lots of SEO guides out there. Some make sense and others don’t. We used to hear Google state some best-practice guidelines to webmasters on ensuring websites are visible to search engines, or its de facto spokesman Matt Cutts (at least on the SEO side of things) clear the air on some debatable topics, but that’s about it.

Not anymore.

Google has just released its SEO guide through its Google Webmaster Central Blog. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is a 22-page PDF that aims to provide guidance to webmasters who are new to SEO.

Tips include clear and concise explanations of the benefits of customizing page title and Meta descriptions, creating keyword rich URLs, and navigation structure.

As Google loves content (which I guess is the legend behind the term ‘content is king’), it suggests delivering content to reach audience through blogs. Yes, like you wish for your website, I am also hoping my blogs will reach more people.

A brief discussion about robots.txt and nofollow directive is also important for webmasters to be aware of, not just to learn what robots.txt and nofollow directive are, but to get an idea what impact this brings to search engines.

Further, the proper use of headline tags and anchor tags, as well as placement of alt text for images are also discussed in this PDF.

As what I was expecting from a document intended to newcomers in SEO, I have noted that content can also be found elsewhere (including in this blog). However, the single biggest difference between this document and the rest is that it comes from Google. Therefore it commands attention from everyone. Hopefully, certain threads within SEO forums that constantly argue about controversies of SEO can see the light at the end of the tunnel and start calming down.