How To Optimize Website for Google News

You have a website you think looks or acts like CNN or BBC News. However, unlike the two media giants, your website is nowhere to be found in Google News. You have questions in your mind. Why is my site missing from Google News? How do I get my site included? Right now, in most cases Google News does not consider personal sites or blogs in its news portal. Google is simply treading on what’s news and what’s personal opinion, so there’s no question why blogs are not included in Google News. Besides, there’s Google Blog Search that does the job.


So to answer the question on how to optimize a news website for Google News, here are some guidelines:

News Article Inclusion in Google News

1. News URLs should follow the following conditions:
a) Each URL should contain one story and not a series of news stories.
b) Each URL should be permanent for a news story and will not ever be replaced.
c) Each URL should include a 3-digit number. For example, is better than This may sound weird but that’s how it works, according to Google.

2. Content should contain text, rendered in HTML
Obviously the page we want to appear on Google News should have text content in HTML format so Google News will understand what the story is all about, and get properly categorized.

3. Website should comply with Google News technical requirements
a) News articles should be located at the same domain as the news website
b) News article should not be placed in drop down menu, else Google would be unable to reach it
c) News article should not be embedded in JavaScript, else Google would be unable to reach it
d) News article should be reached thru text HTML and thru JavaScript or Flash embedded links
e) News article should not be contained within frames
f) Use only one language on each news article
g) News article should be in HTML format and not in Word, PDF or other formats
h) URLs can’t start with https or javascript; it should be http
i) File extensions should end in aspx, html, asp, htm and not gif, hqx, jpeg, jpg or .zip
j) News articles should be explicitly linked from a main page (e.g., News section)

4. Website should comply with Google News content requirements
a) News article may not be indexed if it is too long
b) News article may not be indexed if is embedded in JavaScript
c) News article that has very few words in it may not be indexed
d) News article should properly use punctuations
e) Ensure that Googlebot is not restricted to crawl news articles through robots.txt

5. Notify Google of your intention to get listed in Google News
Get in touch with Google