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Partial Google Algorithm Revealed: SEO Advice from Google Webmaster Tools

Google has added a new feature in its ever-expanding Google Webmaster Tools service. Search Engine Roundtable has a considerably comprehensive coverage about it. Content analysis summary page features three major sections of our websites that may need tweaks to facilitate better access by search engine robots, say Googlebot.

* Title tag issues
* Meta description issues
* Non-indexable content issues

This feature is in addition to the crawl analysis tools which tells webmasters which pages have timed out, (accidentally) restricted by robots.txt file, not followed (based on meta robots specifications), timed out and unreachable.

Title tags and meta description issues are raised not for accessibility reasons but for user experience. For example, if multiple pages share the same title, Google Webmaster Tools will display the number of pages sharing that very same title. Once changes are made, the numbers will be updated based on the last time Google checked on our pages, which is the date of last crawl. I guess Google has to find time to implement page titles on some of its pages.

Partial Google Algorithm Revealed: SEO Advice from Google Webmaster Tools

Strange to me though is how Google defines a long and short Title. More than that, Non-informative Title tags is even more intriguing to me. I agree with having better written meta descriptions to better describe a page and improve click through rates on search engine results pages.

Non-indexable content section lists all Flash files and images whose contents aren’t indexable by Googlebot. Hopefully, these numbers will make more webmasters rethink of whether to use Flash content or not and whether to use graphics instead of text or not.

Don’t be misled though. While I titled this post as a partial algorithm revelation from Google, it’s still about webmaster stuff more than anything else.

Overall, this is a great tool to have.


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  • proson on Jan 05, 2008 Reply

    nice tool, thanks for the information. At the end of the day, Google won't or never reveal their search algorithm! Many webmasters/mistress have these duplicate title issues, and they do get it wrong. Thanks for the webmaster tool now we can better optimized our sites for different keywords.

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