Philippine Government Websites Unsafe to Visit


It’s definitely not inviting to see the website of WOW Philippines marked as unsafe by no other than Google on its search results. WOW Philippines is a campaign website of the Philippine’s Tourism Department that features a variety of activities for tourists who want to visit the Philippines.

A few days ago, the website of Securities and Exchange Commission, another government website ( was also marked as potentially harmful. The website of the City of Lapu Lapu ( and SuperCat ( are also suffering the same fate, according to StopBadWare, the source of Google’s advisory.

Other Philippine websites in the list are,,, and

Meanwhile, the top hosts with the most number of sites classified as unsafe are the following:

• iPowerWeb, Inc., (10,834)
• Layered Technologies, (2,513)*
• Internet Services, Inc, (2,056)
• Internap Network Services, (1,437)
• CHINANET Guangdong province network, (786)

* Layered Technologies has informed StopBadWare that it provides a style of web hosting known as self-managed hosting, in which its customers have full control over and responsibility for server management. So if you’re looking for a web host, try looking elsewhere.