Using Twitter to Promote Hotel Business

When I looked at Twitter profiles of some hotels in Hong Kong, it appears like stakeholders tested the waters but eventually found little engagement with intended audience (few followers to notice the promotions) and apparently ran out of time and ideas to tweet (6 updates only since September). The primary purpose of using Twitter are:

1) To tell everyone about developing brand awareness about the hotel
2) To communicate with hotel guests, media, travel planners and travel agents

Why using Twitter is important
Twitter has gone mainstream that Bing (US locale as of the moment) and Google are quick to add a real-time search for Twitter updates. That means when someone is searching promotions at W Hong Kong, it is now possible to find results at Bing and Google search engines.

Of course, don’t tweet it if you don’t really mean it, but I don’t see promoting hotels in Hong Kong is a boring idea that you’ll find it difficult to include Twitter in reaching out to both current and prospect customers. Hotel news, seasonal promotions, job vacancies, new facilities and new restaurant menus are some topics a hotel would like to update on its official Twitter account.

Twitter is an effective communication tool that in fact, Hyatt Hotels became the first hotel to use Twitter (@HyattConcierge) as a devoted channel for customer service.

Search for hotel mentions
Twitter has a search function that allows a hotel to track discussions that include its brand.


When someone posts good feedback, the hotel can reach him or her and thank. And when someone expresses disappointment, the hotel knows who they are and can figure out how deal with it.

Twitter helps engage a complaint of a guest. It’s fast and directly addresses the issue before it blows out of proportion.

Now we know the benefits of Twitter on promoting hotel service, it’s also important to take note of how we update each Twitter updates.

Tell visitors how to accomplish calls to action
The offer below looks attractive but attracting attention only achieves half of the objective. By providing link directly to the offer page that contain a booking form, visitors find it much easier to avail of that discount offer.


Not so Good