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Make Money Online: PropellerAds Review

Make Money Online: PropellerAds Review

Google AdSense may be the biggest and most popular advertising network out there, thanks to its millions of advertisers and Google’s fame.

However, it remains to be seen if Google AdSense is the best network for publishers to monetize their websites. One of the good options to consider for higher return for your website’s ad real estate is Propeller Ads, which really has impressive cost per mille (CPM) pricing.

The distinct advantage Google AdSense has over its competition is that it has high ad inventory which means it has high fill rate for many verticals. However, it is also hard to predict how much one can earn from AdSense. There are just so many parameters to consider and they can fluctuate at any given time — cost per click, cost per mille, ad impressions and so on.

This is not only AdSense-centric issue as traffic from various channels can also vary depending on the popularity (volume of visitors) and value (high-value verticals or generic ones) of content you post, season of the year, and source of traffic (do you pay Facebook to earn more visits or is Google throttling your organic traffic because your site has not yet migrated to HTTPS).

Good thing there are other ad networks available and Propeller Ads is among the ones that yield good return for your advertising space. More accurately it provides one of the best CPM possible for traffic coming from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia. So if a significant volume of your traffic comes from these countries, Propeller Ads is really worth a try.

Personally I tried this myself and in many occasions, earnings from Propeller Ads are greater than for AdSense. And since the recommended format is CPM instead of cost per click (CPC) model which AdSense is famous for, both networks work perfectly with each other with no violation of terms.

One thing to note before trying out Propeller Ads is that one of the requirements before achieving higher revenues is that:

  • As stated above, your traffic comes from the countries I mentioned above: United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia.
  • Your website has steady stream of visitors so the CPM model is more effective
  • Since better Propeller Ads format is CPM, it is best if every visitor session also typically involve multiple page views.

While it’s obvious that page views are legitimate and not inflated or initiated by fake traffic, this reminder is out to ensure this is also taken care of.

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Types of Propeller Ads ad products:

1. OnClick PopUnder Ads.
This is the most profitable ad product as it generally gives out high CPM for a steady stream of traffic on both desktop and mobile device. Websites that feature music, film, photo, download and viral content are best bets for high CPM using pop under ads.

2. Mobile Ads
Propeller Ads has two types of mobile ads: Mobile Dialog Ads and Mobile Interstitial Ads. This is on top of the regular mobile banner ads.

3. Classic Banner Ads

Propeller Ads banners come in various sizes with 300×250 and 728×90 easily the best performing ones. Other available ad units are: 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, and 320×50. Unfortunately, when I tried them they weren’t as good as their AdSense counterpart.

4. Layer Ads
Propeller Ads Layer Ads are banner ads on steroid as they loads banner ads over the website content. You can choose any of the available banner ad units similar to classic banner ads although a bigger ad unit such as 800×600 or 800×440 is recommended.

5. Slider Ads

Propeller Ads Slider Ad is another kind of banner ad that fades in at the bottom of a  web page. Unless the user decides to close, it’s always visible even if he/she is scrolling up or down. To me this is a bit obtrusive as it literally shoves ads in front of content which can be annoying.

6. Direct Ads

Direct Ads (or Direct Links) is a unique ad product in which publishers are given a URL to promote. You can promote it by creating your own banner ads, text link ads, buttons, or even redirects. This is similar to promoting an affiliate link on banner, links or buttons so these ads appear as organic embeds on your website content.

For example, instead of creating just a standard error message on your 404 pages, you can also include link to Direct Ads without disrupting user experience. According to Propeller Ads, it works best on a downloads website (ebooks, music, apps, wallpapers, movies, etc.

7. Video Ads

If you have video content you may want to consider monetizing it with Video Ads. Propeller Ads offers three video ad spots: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, and Pre-Game.

Pros and Cons

With every ad network, there are pros and cons. For example, AdSense advantage is that it has plenty of advertisers that likely fill your ad slots while its disadvantage is that application is not straightforward and may even be rejected. We also cannot compare the two as the recommended formats for AdSense and Propeller Ads are not the same and therefore one can coexist with the other.


  • Accounts activated instantly
  • If you own several websites (that adhere to terms) they can be added instantly (you will receive email upon approval)
  • Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers so one can say it’s a generous in ad revenue sharing.
  • Simple and straightforward reporting. You can see your daily (or hourly earning) in tabular or graphic format.
  • Flexible payment structure. Although it does not have PayPal (yet), Propeller Ads supports wire transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney and prepaid cards.
  • It generates maximum CPM for certain websites such as entertainment (music, downloads, film, etc).
  • If as an advertiser you refer a new publisher, you’ll also earn 5% of his or her future ad revenue.
  • You can also monetize even your 404 pages with a full-screen ad. No more wasted traffic!
  • You can run Propeller Ads along with other ad networks (Amazon Affiliate, Infolinks, AdSense, Commission Junction, etc) without any trouble.
  • You also get personal assistance via Skype or email support. High traffic websites also have dedicated account manager.


  • Poor user experience as ads can distract user while browsing a web page or even encourage him or her to leave the website with all the floating or popup ads. This comes as the highest performing ad units are also among the most annoying.
  • No PayPal payment support even though PayPal also takes a cut from earnings just like other payment gateways.
  • Low-quality traffic, not just low-volume traffic, could doom your chances of making decent money at Propeller Ads.


Propeller Ads is a nice alternative source of income in addition to your other channels. You don’t have to pick this over Google AdSense as both can exist in a page. But with user experience coming at a premium for Google search result, your website’s chances of higher visibility could take a tumble if a growth in bounce rate or lower pageviews.

It is therefore best to combine these two ad networks and observe the earning patterns without completely ignoring underlying usability issues.

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