6 Reasons You Should Get an SEO Consultant

There are questions raised on whether firms need to get SEO agencies or develop an in-house team. There are long term benefits of developing in-house professionals who can do SEO apart from their day-to-day tasks. While this potentially adds more work, this also means another skill acquired and makes the employee more indispensable. But this structure may not be applicable for all companies, and there are those who need outsourced talents.


Let’s pinpoint the reasons why getting an SEO consultant could be more suitable for certain firms.

1 Hiring SEO Consultants Saves Time
But letting SEO consultants do the job they specialize makes better sense. Company owners can concentrate on tasks that need their attention, unless they have a lot of spare time to learn SEO.

2 SEO Consultants Help Develop Content
Part of SEO job is to research for keywords, analyze them and identify which ones are appropriate for our sites. They recommend which keywords to use, where to place them, and if necessary, what type of content should be present on our website.

3 SEO Consultants Have Experience
SEO consultants have had enough experience with what works and what doesn’t. In the case of companies trying to do it themselves, it could be a game of experimentation. And if results don’t bode well, it’s back to square one. We know that it takes time for SEO campaigns to unfold, so it’s a big waste of time if something goes wrong.

4 SEO Consultants Know SEO Should Be Connected With Other Marketing Efforts
Maybe owners know too, but there are things that may not be covered in the scope of things and realize SEO is not just optimizing for search engine results. It’s also about optimizing pages so they’ll be synchronized with other marketing channels. with For example, we can all draft great ad copies but if our landing pages lack the necessary elements that coincide with the ads, we are therefore running our campaigns inefficiently.

5 SEO Consultants Can Go Away And We’ll Still Be Successful
Hiring SEO consultants doesn’t mean like employing them. The commitment can be long or short. They render their services, we implement them, they measure and analyze results and make further recommendations. The rest of the work could be up for us to continue. We inevitably learn from the experience working with them. After we see success, we can politely tell them we don’t need their services and we can manage things on our own. But if we think the returns of investment is greater when we continue hiring them than not, we can always extend the engagement with SEO consultants.

6 Search Engines Can Be Unforgiving
For inexperienced website owner, making mistakes on optimizing pages (for example, resorting to prohibited tactics) can mean disaster. Our sites can get banned, penalized, whatever we call it. It sometimes appears that SEO is a trial and error activity, but actually this experiment has been finished long time ago (although trial and error tests are done all the time for algorithm changes). SEO consultants are here to apply what’s the optimal result of that trial and error in the past.

Even in the long term, members of the in-house team may leave the company, putting investments on manpower, time and money to the drain. Hiring SEO consultants should not be solely meant to let him or her do all the work, but treating the whole process as a learning experience.