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Remarketing for Bing Ads Now Available

Remarketing for Bing Ads Now Available

More than five years since Google AdWords launched a platform that allows advertisers to reach out to target audience who visited their websites and met certain conditions, Bing has finally announced its Bing Remarketing Ads is now available.

In its blog post, Bing has disclosed that dozens of early users have already “seen great returns” so it cannot wait for everyone to try, and hopefull, share the same great returns enjoyed by pioneer users.

It is understable that first time visitors — at the beginning of their buying journeys — are likely not going to make a purchase or complete a desired task such as download a white paper, subscribe to newsletter or send an inquiry email.

But with a follow up ads, appropriately called remarketing ads, these visitors could be lured to return and hopefully, by this time, they are more prepared to make a purchase after prior research and comparison with other products available elsewhere.

With the announcement, advertisers have enough time to set up campaigns for the upcoming shopping season.


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