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SCMP’s HK Digest: Advertising At Landing Page About Itself

Landing page is the web page that visitors will see after they click an advertisement or search engine results page link. It is where we want our visitors to perform our desired conversions. So in order to achieve such level of likelihood, we don’t want to distract a visitor into doing something else, like clicking on an ad that eventually lands on the very same page.

I came across South China Post’s HK Digest, a section that provides a summary of headlines found in the city’s local Chinese newspapers.


But as you can see in the graphic (in red outline), there is also an add that promotes HK Digest! There is no other HK Digest page as far as I know; the ad simply points to the same page I am currently at. What’s wrong? There should be no event you’d like to do that.

SCMP runs the same mishap by putting the “Free 14 Day Free Trial” on a page I can access only after I logged in. See the graphic below. “Hello, Elmer” on top left shows I am logged in but the lower right section invites me for a free view.


What’s the point? Why would I like to avail of a free 14-day trial if I have a year’s free access as a subscriber? Does it add another 2 weeks in my current subscription?

Whoever is behind planning ads and promotions within SCMP website should review what they’re doing and be mindful of what to put where. Right now, it just doesn’t work smoothly.


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