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Search Engines Want Sites Like Wine

Newly launched sites are often finding it difficult to find their niches in organic search engine result pages (SERPs) especially in Google. This prompted many of us to derive a term called “aging delay” in an apparent reference to this phenomenon.

It won’t be a phenomenon if Google explained how its search algorithms work; obviously Google wants to keep this one a secret although one golden rule to be followed is to keep page quality high so as to draw interest from visitors and high rankings on search engines will follow. In other words, the way to Google’s heart is through a happy visitor that comes to your page.

But this approach does not effectively rank young websites on the top. It typically takes six months to get the rankings going. I believe at the first few months of launch. The site does not generate much traffic and lack visitors who may be interested enough to link to the site. At this point, I’d suggest pay-per-click marketing to be enforced. This approach not only directs targeted audience to the site, it also gives a decent amount exposure. Another is a press release which will detail the purpose of the site, what people would benefit in coming to the site and the upcoming features.

In a nutshell, new websites are often not as credible sites and so they have to endure a few months of being hidden away from the mainstream web traffic and at this time these websites should be aggressive in gathering resources to make their presence felt in a competitive Internet world. As sites start to gather links pointing to them, they gain popularity, and therefore deserve a worthy notch higher.

This is not always the case as popular brands always have the advantage at their hands. For example, even if Hong Kong Disneyland is just a month away from launching and its website is up for just a few days, its website may have been eagerly anticipated by many people for booking, theme park attractions, etc. so that linking and blogging come freely and most of the time unsolicited. Remember, Google loves links and its one basis of their PageRank service.

And so to conclude, search engines are like humans who don’t want to drink recently fermented wine; it must be aged to obtain the desired flavor.


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