SearchWiki: Cannot Promote #1 Rankings

SearchWiki is a feature launched by Google not long ago. SearchWiki basically gives users flexibility on dictating search engines what they want to see in their search results. It is characterized by the arrow, X and speech bubble placed adjacent to every website displayed on search results. If you think the bottom ranked page deserves number one, you can click the arrow button to “promote” the page higher in the listings. Or if you think the first place ranking shouldn’t be there, click the “X” button next to it and it should disappear. The placement of pages ranked below it should rise accordingly. If you simply want to put a note, like commending Google for the well placed search results, you can make use of the speech bubble below the listing.

In order to make use of this feature, you have to login to your Google account. Take note that whatever changes you make, whether promoting or removing sites within search results, it only applies to your searches and does not affect search result placement for others.

I just wonder what’s the purpose of the “arrow” button placed adjacent to the top resulting page. I know there is no higher ranking than #1.