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Secretary’s Day Flowers: Capturing Audience At The Right Time

Secretary’s Day (also known as Administrative Professional’s Day) is celebrated to honor and recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants and receptionists. This year Secretary’s Day will be on the 22nd of April.

Probably in the search engine usage patterns, there will be a surge in secretary’s day related terms. This is the same as when people tend to search for “gifts” or “christmas” related keywords during the last months of the year. In the case of secretaries, bosses might be looking for gift ideas, such as flowers, chocolates or cards. It’s also an opportunity for sellers of these items to attract buyers through search engine marketing.

Since organic search takes time to achieve rankings, paid search is an ideal solution for short-term campaigns, which in this case is to sell flowers or gifts for secretaries. I tried to search for similar keywords.

I notice that when I entered a generic term say “hong kong flowers”, results are filled with ads. Nothing wrong with that as the term itself seems to suggest that someone is planning to by flowers online. However, it’s just that the sheer number of competitors getting a prominent ad placement is a costly and difficult exercise.

hong kong flowers
Hong Kong Flowers

On the other hand, when I used a more specific term “secretary’s day flowers”, results don’t have too many ads. Is the keyword irrelevant? I don’t think so. This illustrates possible missing out on advertising opportunities.

secretary’s day flowers
Secretary's Day Flowers

As advertisers, we should be able to follow where our target customers are. And if advertising our products isn’t enough, we can also tease them to make immediate decisions. This is applicable especially on short-term campaigns like Secretary’s Day which lasts only until the end of the month the latest.

We can use ad copies that illustrate such urgency. For example, we can offer incentives (discounts, rebates, freebies, etc) if they make successful conversions (buy, download, inquire, etc). For example, our ad can look like this one if we intend to offer discounts only up to the day before Secretary’s Day.

Flowers Discount Ad

To accomplish such plans, we must also be aware of necessary changes such as ad copy text. This means we need to do more work than if we don’t make these teasers. However, executing such time-dependent ads could pay dividends like higher ROI values.

If the offer ends tomorrow, we can make necessary adjustments on our ad.
Secretary's Day Ads

By doing so, we could end up spending less on ads while attracting more targeted visitors.


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