Paid Search Phishing Alert

Search engines have become more responsive to threats that show up on the web on a daily basis. Google issues warnings if it finds out that a page within its search results page has questionable page content. Yahoo! also had its SearchScan service which enables Yahoo! to detect browser exploits and dangerous downloads.

Recently, a Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing phishing e-mail scams were reported.

If you come across an e-mail with a link to Yahoo! Search Marketing and the link starts with, just ignore the e-mail and stay away from this site.

Instead of removing these pages from search engine index, they remain there. It would be unfair for these sites to be removed if the suspicion turned out to be false. However, with the aid of Google and Yahoo! tools to detect these allegedly fraudulent sites, and a special feature from Firefox, users will be warned. These warnings, especially from the browser (shown in the photo), is more prominent that only those who ignore these warnings subject themselves to risk.

Talking about Firefox, I just downloaded Firefox 3 and am proud to be part of the Guinness record-seeking effort.