SEM Session at City University of HK

Last week, I was privileged to speak before communication students of City University of Hong Kong. I had a 30+ slide presentation regarding the basics of search engine marketing, including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, measurements and best practice guidelines.

City University of Hong KongAbout eighty percent of my audience are female students, which may be related to the type of course they’re pursuing here. While I was reminded that it’s typical for my audience not to ask questions — same as many of Hong Kong people attending a presentation like this — the 30-minute presentation elicited questions from both neophytes and students seemingly experienced with search marketing. One girl asked how do I compare online and offline ads. Another asked what are other online marketing alternatives apart from SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media. It was indeed an interesting group of students.

When I was teaching at a university in the Philippines for three years, I felt the need to go out there and experience how my lessons impact my students after they graduate. So I left my teaching job and experienced hands-on work, beyond theoretical assumptions and never regret of my decisions. When I stood in front of the lab explaining my slides, somehow I felt I missed teaching Calculus and computer subjects.

As a first timer in the the University, it was a pleasant experience to be in the campus and it reminded me of my days in the university. The hallways were filled with students. Some supporters of a student council election candidates, some were wearing their graduation attire taking photos with family. Most of the others were busy concluding their day at the library, chatting at the cafeteria or browsing the public computer terminals.

Many thanks to Professor Jonathan Zhu of Center for Communication Research and Ms Luka So of City University of Hong Kong for organizing this session. I wish I’d get another invite for a university presentation someday.