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SEO Blogs and Marketing Sites I Read

I don’t have enough time in my hands to pore over the web and compose a full-length blog review post. However, I am still pleased to present some insightful SEO blogs you and I could learn a lot from.

First off is the Aaron Wall’s SEO Book blog. It widens my perspective into how search marketing evolves along with tips and bright ideas. It makes me feel I have a lot of things to learn in this field that I tried to embrace. He’s got some following too, from the dozens of comments (after weeding out spam messages I guess) to the silent minority who prefer to read and learn more than to argue.

ClickZ is a site that offers a variety of topics in the field of marketing. I often read articles written by Mike Grehan (too bad I was unable to meet him when he was in HK last September), Jeanne Jennings, Kevin Lee and Shari Thurow, among others. I also get news and stats even though I prefer the quick cats at SEO Round Table over the former just recently.

Search Engine Land is a nice place to hang out with simply because Danny Sullivan, hailed as the godfather/grandfather of search is there. His elaborate explanation and in-depth analysis often creates buzz around this part of the web.

I think Matt Cutts’ blog is a definitive voice of Google so when you have questions relating to hows and whats and whys of Google search engine, searching over his blogs could be the first stop/step. Watch out for his videos as well.

For forums, I go to High Rankings, Search Engine Watch, Digital Point and V7N although recently my participation on these forums have dwindled sharply.

Wait, I used to be known as an IT person not too long ago, and am still proud to say yes when I am asked about it. But I am now gradually able to understand that I need to be flexible in learning things and that marketing is also a potent tool that I can use in my limited arsenal.


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