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I am using Blogger to update my life here in Hong Kong. So far I have no problem about it, but who knows what will happen. This tool is a product of Google and as a free service, nothing is expected by Google from bloggers except that they post blog entries every now and then.

Not that I am defending myself, but I wouldn’t say that using Blogger is wrong for Netflix to use; that is simply too strong to conclude. What I am concerned about is the effectiveness of Blogger in communicating with the audience. If the site is down for maintenance, Netflix will have to wait until service is restored; if Netflix has its own blogging platform, it has more control and will be able to serve its clients better.

For websites that don’t have good “page not found” errors, a good blog post by Google Webmaster Central should provide a comprehensive guide on setting up these pages (also known as custom 404 pages).

To all shy people who can’t seem to think of the best ways to be comfortable in a social event (that includes me), Bruce Clay’s Lisa Barone has a guide on how to deal with being introvert in the middle of an SEO conference networking or any event that requires interaction between participants.