SEO Bookmarks: Microsoft’s BrowseRank and Why Companies Don’t Blog

A article features what Microsoft thinks is a better approach to measuring value of web page than what Google’s PageRank is now doing. PageRank was developed as a research paper at Stanford by Google’s founders plus a few fellows. The new Microsoft study, called BrowseRank: Letting Web Users Vote for Page Importance, was authored by Bin Gao, Tie-Yan Liu, and Hang Li from Microsoft Research Asia and Ying Zhang of Nankai University, Zhiming Ma of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shuyuan He of Peking University. This Microsoft study details the shortcomings of PageRank. Let’s see how Google reacts.

I don’t own a company but I maintain four blogs. But many companies exist without having a blog. Search Rank has four common excuses why these companies prefer not to maintain one.

Speaking of blogs I maintain, one of them is hosted by Blogger. What I didn’t know until recently is that this blogging platform owned by Google makes up 2% of all malware on the web. If Google can warn me that Citybus website was harmful, wouldn’t it be ironic if it also advises me to avoid visiting one of its properties because of malware lurking around? Perhaps Google can simply remove these pages from its index if it is already there.