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SEO Bookmarks: Traffic Show Off, Wolfram Alpha and More

You can now show off your website analytics stats to the public using Google Analytics. By using the Analyticator plugin built by a third-party developer, you can now integrate your Google Analytics reports using the newly released API. More than just bragging to others that your site commands a heavy inflow of visitors, this is also helpful to stakeholders like managers or CEOs who don’t like to login, find other “counters” too primitive, and want to know how many visitors went to your site without logging in.



Good ranking is nothing if you get no traffic, right? SEOMoz posts an article on how to get traffic even without the need to rank high. By leveraging targeted keywords prominently without giving away everything, a search engine user would click on your page on search results even if it is not ranked highly.


In case you don’t know how to take advantage of using Wolfram Alpha, the new search engine that’s more specifically termed as computational search engine, there are five useful uses by User Effect. Two of these useful uses are historical data and nutritional information. Find out more by reading the article

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