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SEO Bookmarks: Twitter Blogging, Google Bombing and More

The Presidential Elections in the USA is definitely underway. And more than just the traditional election campaign initiatives, the Web is now involved more than ever. Last Friday, candidates Barack Obama and John McCain took place in a semi-formal debate — via Twitter. By the way, do you have a Twitter account? Mine is

More about Mr McCain, methinks that Google Bomb is still in existence because Chris Bowers still notices that he is making some success on optimizing for this Republican candidate’s surname. Miserable failure is history but who knows it might be in for a surprise.

I posted an item about my thoughts on Google Trends for Websites and on the issue of not being able to opt-out of this service could mean we must have to bear whatever Google gets out of our Google Analytics stats. Both Barry and Aaron mentions that this tool could be a another alternative to mining keywords for paid search campaigns, but this comes at the expense of an identified competitor (unlike the Google AdWords tool which aggregates data from many websites), since you call the shots of putting up five (max) different domains.

It is possible that long URLs could hurt webmasters’ initiatives if Google finds it difficult to get an idea what the page is about by merely looking at the long URL. John Mueller, a Google representative from Switzerland talks about this constraint.

Now I’m all for having descriptive URLs, but …. this seems to be
taking it a bit too far and I have a bit of trouble identifying
anything that matches in the content of your page.

The problem with URLs like this is that they almost appear to be
random and in fact I can get exactly the same page by using something
like: . In general, you
should make sure that you have only one URL that leads to your content
— all others should either redirect to the proper URL or return HTTP
result code 404 to signal that the URL is invalid. Without that, your
site is leading us (and all other crawlers) on a wild goose chase.

So it becomes a food for thought for all of us who are doubting if having a long URL is okay or detrimental to our websites.


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