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SEO Classes For Webmasters, Developers and Site Owners

I am now accepting parties interested to learn more about Search Engine Optmization in a more personal way. SEO classes will be This is open to web developers, designers, website owners, webmasters, digital agency professionals or university students who want to learn more about SEO and expand their online marketing knowledge.

Proposed topics shall be the following outline. I can customize them according to your preferences.

Introduction to Search Marketing
* What is SEM, SEO and PPC
* How Search Engines Work
* Important Search Engines
* How Search Engines Reach Our Pages
* How Search Engines Evaluate Our Pages

Keyword Research
* Keyword Research Overview
* Tools for Keyword Research
* How to Evaluate Keywords for Your Website
* How to Integrate Keywords for Your Content
* Hands-on: Performing Actual Keyword Research

Technical SEO Considerations
* Overview
* What Are Coding Best Practice for Developers
* How to Make Search Engine Friendly Websites
* Best Practice Techniques for Revamped Websites
* Avoiding Common Spider Traps
* Using Robots.txt and XML Sitemaps
* Hands On: Identifying Technical Problems on A Website

Optimizing Our Content For Search Engines
* Important Elements For Search Engine Spiders
* How To Integrate Keyword Research With Content Development
* How To Optimize Existing Pages and Creating New Content
* Hands On: Developing Content for A Website Using Effective Titles and Descriptions

Measuring Goals
* Importance of Measuring The Performance of Our Websites
* How to Identify Our Website Goals
* Tools That Help Us Monitor Our Website
* Hands On: Setting Up Goals Using Google Analytics

Summary and Further Notes
* Best Practice SEO
* SEO Checklist

This lesson will be delivered in 2 sessions of about 1.5 hours each.

Participants can choose their desired venues.

Contact me for more details. Discounts will be offered for groups of 3 or above. Discounts will also be offered to SEO clients of SEO Hong Kong.

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