SEO Clients: I Built This Site

So far, optimizing pages for search engines has been fun but at times it’s also exhaustive, if not downright frustrating. I have been doing SEO for quite a while with a some success and some failure.

The level of success or failure of an SEO project depends on how things get done, how quick recommendations are implemented and on the degree of freedom of modifying web pages. And from the various types of clients I handled I see a variation of results.

I’d like to classify them into three. No funny tags or curious names.

Clients whose websites are built by us.

I have brilliant colleagues whose talent are not limited to project management, programming or creative design. There is that out of the box thinking which does not limit us into building sites just for the sake of it. We tend to measure ROI based on converted sales, analyze traffic and of course success in search engine optimization. That is why even before I came in, sites are already doing well in search engines, even if it’s in Flash. These sites we built are the most likely candidates to succeed in SEO campaigns. A couple of examples are a property agency in Hong Kong and one restaurant of African motif.

It’s because we get more freedom to tweak sites, change page content, easily access traffic statistics, etc. We built the pages, we modify them, we upload them. And do the same cycle if necessary. At the end of sixth month, results were visible. In return, an expected increase in reservations and closed deals in flats and furnished apartments is seen.

Well, initially it was not us who build the property web site, but since the designer himself was aware of SEO, he got rid of frames and listed the web site into Yahoo! Directory (we did submit it to Open Directory shortly).

I particularly like to optimize sites driven by CMS. Simply because they are dynamically generated and I do not have to scan every page to modify each tag. Also it generates content which is what I really advocate on every web site I optimize.