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SEO Consulting

Organic Search Engine Marketing Consultancy Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of enhancing a web site’s chances of getting ranked on top of search engine results pages once a relevant search is performed. SEO Hong Kong offers this service to help website owners and webmasters achieve better search engine visibility for their websites.


  • Improve Traffic To Websites From Organic Search Results
  • Improve Existing Conversion Rates (If Applicable)
  • Improve Brand Awareness Through Organic Search

Phase I: Discovery

Client Discovery and Business Questions
SEO Hong Kong will meet the client and discuss the following areas to help develop overall strategy:

  • Client Business Goals (Bookings, Enquiries, Downloads, Brand Awareness, Etc)
  • Business Priorities, Target Audience
  • Method Of Success Measurement (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Competitors
Keyword Research
SEO Hong Kong will determine list of target keywords and phrases used for your website.

Website Audit (existing sites)
SEO Hong Kong will examine your website and identify any problem that may cause problems for search engines.

Website Structure (new websites / website revamp)
SEO Hong Kong will formulate SEO guidelines for a search-friendly website revamp.

Baseline Report
SEO Hong Kong will measure search engine visibility, traffic and other key metrics of client website.

Phase II: Recommendation And Implementation

SEO Recommendation
SEO Hong Kong will provide documentation of SEO recommendations derived from Website Audit or proposed Website Structure.

SEO Implementation
Client or its appointed agency will implement SEO recommendations while SEO Hong Kong will review implementations to ensure quality of output complies with guidelines and recommendations.

Phase III: Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance
SEO Hong Kong will monitor performance of the website, formulate strategies on certain areas (videos, press releases, blogs, link building, etc) and act based on periodic measurement reports.

Partnership With Web Design And Interactive Agencies

SEO Hong Kong welcomes partnerships with web design and interactive agencies that require search engine marketing services for clients.

Who are ideal partners of SEO Hong Kong
1. Your agency doesn’t have a dedicated search engine marketing person
2. Your agency would like to receive training on search engine marketing
3. Your agency doesn’t include search engine marketing as its core service

Contact us for possible partnership opportunities.