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SEO Contenders and Pretenders

I have applied for accounts on a couple of other SEO-related bulletin boards. Once I logged and to each of the new forums, I immediately felt I was in a new place. New layout and colors, many new nicks not familiar in the old forums, new type of topics. There were lots of merchants selling domain names, lots of people asking for Adsense tips, something that I don’t usually see at my old forum.

People are warm and I got several welcome messages the moment I introduced myself. There are also opportunities for revenue earning and an unselfish way to promote newbies with blog feeds and signature linking plus the reputation tool which I haven’t found in my older forums.

To me there are more stockbroking and merchandising of sites where people post domain names for sale, free startup directories asking for submissions or high PageRank pages offering a directory listing for $10 to $15 a month. I was quite surprised with the activity because I rarely saw such type of posts in my other community. Perhaps it’s against the rules. Obviously, many posters at the new forums are creative entrepreneurs.

In many SEO discussions some people are asking questions about subdomains, redirections or keyword relevance. The funny thing is that in their signature links are their company web sites offering search engine marketing and optimization services. So it appears that they channel questions and seek affirmation on efforts they do to their clients into the SEO community forums. The company integrity and level of competitiveness has become questionable.

When people rely too much on what others say and rely less on their brains, that is where the madness comes. Search Engine Optimization techniques should be primarily out of common sense and secondary concerns should be more of the legal, technical and financial aspects.

That is why I’ll always describe search engine marketing as more of an art; being scientific is just secondary.


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