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SEO Predictions 2008

Before end of the first month of the year, here are some bold and fearless SEO predictions for 2008, swirling around the Web:

  • Google will stop referring to Open Directory data.
  • Reputation management / search leveraged press release services will grow further this year.
  • Yahoo! will struggle in gaining foothold within the search engine market.
  • Usability will play a bigger part in the SEO process and be given due credit.
  • Google Local and Yahoo! Local will even be more essential to build business around.
  • More acquisitions: smaller specialty SEO companies will merge with bigger agencies.
  • Unique content remains to be the king.
  • Video and mobile marketing will explode unless recession puts a brake to these promising channels.
  • Google properties will expand further beyond the search (Google TV, Google Phone).
  • More features will be released by Google Webmaster Tools.
  • MSN will start popularizing its tools, currently brewing at Microsoft adCenter Labs.
  • Local paid search efforts will pay greater dividends.


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