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Hi There,

Thank you for visiting my search marketing blog. I hope you find it useful and informative.
In addition to updating my blog on a regular basis, I also do search marketing consultancy services.

I have four years of search marketing experience working for an agency here in Hong Kong. I worked with clients mostly in travel (hotels, airlines, leisure sites) and finance (banks, insurance) and small and medium enterprises.

SEO HK Search Engine Optimization Campaign
Since websites have different objectives, this job begins with a discussion with you regarding your nature of business, known competitors and learn about your objectives (keyword ranking, branding, improve sales or visitor traffic). This helps me craft an SEO strategy suited to your needs such as appropriate keywords to use and what contents your website should have.

SEO Hong Kong keyword ranking

Website Audit
I will evaluate your website for search engine issues. This is a comprehensive process that covers technical evaluation (URL structure, domain, redirections, 404 pages, etc), content evaluation (content voids, keyword analysis, linking, etc). From these findings I will provide a documentation with details on issues, along with detailed recommendations. For example, if I find out that your keywords are not what your target audience are using, I will provide recommended keywords and on which pages they should be used.

SEO Measurement
SEO projects need to be measurable to determine if they are appropriate campaign measurement. Therefore, an appropriate measurement tool should be installed. Google Analytics is a free tool that we can utilize to measure a whole lot of information such as how did your visitors find you or which keywords are most effective in achieving your business objectives. Other tools can be used to measure other metrics such as inbound links, keyword ranking and monitoring the competition.

Google Analytics Report

Baseline Reports
Before implementing an SEO project, I will measure all defined metrics such as your current ranking for certain keywords, number of visitors coming to your sites, and others as agreed in our initial discussion. This will be used to compare measurements made after SEO recommendations are implemented. In this way, we can tell whether our SEO project has been successful or not.

Fees for these projects are structured into Setup and Maintenance. Setup is composed of tasks that are done in the beginning of the project and are described above.


SEO Outsourcing for Web Agencies
If you are a web development or a digital agency company who need a hand to handle SEO projects, I can help you manage the following:

Website Evaluation and SEO
Link Building
Paid Search
Copywriting / Blog Development
SEO Training

Search Marketing Training
I provide individuals and groups on specific search marketing topics:

* How search engines work and guidelines to webmasters and website owners
* How to make sites visible to search engines
* How to make use of tools provided by search engines
* How to improve search engine visibility and gain more visitors
* How to measure search marketing performance using web analytics
* What are the unethical SEO practices and how to avoid doing them

For more details, please refer to the SEO courses page.

Service Rates and Fees
Rates are quoted on hourly or project task basis as agreed by both parties (me and client). Contact me at elmer @ or fill up the form below for more information.

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