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SEO Services in Hong Kong

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of enhancing a web site’s chances of getting ranked on top of search engine results pages once a relevant search is performed. I offer this service to help website owners and webmasters achieve better search engine visibility for their websites.

This service encompasses the following tasks:

PHASE I – Discovery Phase

Client Discovery and Business Questions
Meet with client and discuss the following areas to help develop overall strategy:
• Client business goals (bookings, enquiries, downloads, brand awareness, etc)
• Business priorities
• Target audience
• Method of success measurement (key performance indicators)
• Direct and indirect competitors

Keyword Research
Segmented keyword research based on various factors (products/services, target audience, etc)
• List of priority keywords
• Based on popularity and competitiveness
• Guidelines on incorporating keywords into website

Website Audit (for existing sites only)
Evaluate website for any search engine visibility issues
• Technical: Identify areas where search engines may have difficulty accessing.
• Content: Check issues with content based on target keywords and business goals that may need further optimization

Website Structure (website revamp)
Formulate overall recommendation for website structure
• Domain names, filenames, TLDs, hosting
• Navigation and sitemap
• Subdomain vs sub folder
• CMS structure

Baseline Report
Measure current performance of website in terms of:
• Keyword ranking based on selected keywords (from keyword research)
• Visitor traffic based on certain segments (target audience, search engines, etc) as defined by Client
• Goals measurement defined by KPIs

PHASE II – Recommendation and Implementation Phase

SEO Recommendation
Provide documentation of SEO recommendations derived from Website Audit findings and Baseline Reports.
• Technical recommendations
• Content recommendations

SEO Implementation
• Technical implementation
• Content implementation
• Implementation review

PHASE III – Maintenance Phase
• Periodic Measurement (similar to Baseline Report)
• Keyword ranking
• Website traffic
• Defined KPIs
• Analysis of measurements
• Additional recommendations based on measurement findings
• Further recommendations

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