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What Visitors Are Looking For Inside Your Website

What Visitors Are Looking For Inside Your Website

To many of us search engine optimization people, helping visitors get to a client’s landing page from search engines is already an accomplishment. Yet, it’s only part of the objective most, if not all, clients have in mind.

For sites that are built to sell products, conversion rates — the ratio of orders to overall site visits — is between 2 and 3 per cent. So the question is that, where do 97 to 98 per cent of traffic go? It is easy to assume different factors such as invalid visits from site owners or web developers, visitors who were at the early stage of buying cycle, or simply those who can’t easily find what they are looking for.

For visitors who fail to convert because of the third reason described above, they may leave traces on how they struggle to find information using the website’s built-in search facility. Whether it’s site feature developed by WordPress, Google’s site search add-on (like what you see at the top right section of this page) or some tool created by third-party developers, we will be able to determine which keywords visitors use to find desired information.

The problem is that visitors themselves tend to be vague when they use search engines and ultimately, this affects what type of search results they see. Nevertheless, site search data provides a good basis of identifying what we thought are easy to locate, but visitors just can’t. So if you’re website is at least medium-sized and has got lots of text content organized in multiple sections, site search is an indispensable tool not only for you, but also to visitors who are confident they’ll find what they’re searching for on your site. Otherwise, they’ll give up and leave the website at once, thereby spiking bounce rate stats.

Needless to say, having site search is close to a must for every website. Why, you ask. That’s because it’s where we know how visitors look for information in their own words. And if keyword research is based on locating what keywords people use, site search tries to achieve the exact same objective.


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