Site Search Box within Google Search Results

Google continues to experiment in its quest to improve user experience. Google Experimental Search has a variety of experiments we can join to improve layout and the way search results are presented (not pick search results ourselves obviously).

To me it’s like a wiki thing where users are empowered on getting their voices heard and changes are applied for their benefit.

Search Box within Search Results

One of the latest changes made within the search engine results is the addition of site search box within the search engine results for specific set of keywords. In the example shown, we don’t even have to go to to search for for books or CDs. If you search for amazon, one of the results (if not the top one) will show a search box that says “search”. Once you enter your keyword, it does not go to’s search results page. Instead it remains at Google’s search engine results page, with a list of results whose links point to

To me this is helpful for sites that don’t have very effective site search facility. One example of this is the HK Government site, which keeps me guessing which result contains the information I am looking for. This feature acts similarly as the Google Custom Search, which utilizes Google’s spiders to retrieve results within a specific site.

Update: Google labels this product as “teleporting“:

Through experimentation, we found that presenting users with a search box as part of the result increases their likelihood of finding the exact page they are looking for. So over the past few days we have been testing, and today we have fully rolled out, a search box that appears within some of the search results themselves. This feature will now occur when we detect a high probability that a user wants more refined search results within a specific site. Like the rest of our snippets, the sites that display the site search box are chosen algorithmically based on metrics that measure how useful the search box is to users.