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Some Google Services Down?

I noticed last night around 9PM HK time (Friday 2 Feb 2007) that Google has experienced outages most of the time. Four out of every five searches ended up showing Apache screen with details describing the problem.

This morning showed Google Analytics was affected by the problem. While the service did not show the generic Apache error, the stats appears that I have only one visitor (from Beirut, Lebanon).

I guess Gmail has had service interruptions a few weeks ago where I saw the typical “Please try again in 30 seconds.” message.

And Google News too.

Google spokeswoman Sonya Boralv said in an email. “We know how important Google News is to our users and are working as quickly as possible to resolve the problem,” she said. “The service should be restored within the hour.”

I call it coincidental that these outages happened right after the company’s fourth quarter (2006) earnings report.

To add to the list, SEO Roundtable pointed the problem of Google Finance page, I guess the problem may be existing on other applications. Take a look at the list of Google services and products and maybe you may find one that’s not working normally.

I wonder though that the problem hasn’t been widely reported, based on my quick research.

The demand may have been just a little too much to handle. I hope Google can fix and continue to offer these services for free (even after improving its server performance). I have become more dependent on big G. From checking e-mails to organizing my schedule to analyzing data to managing my web sites.


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