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Spam Links Can’t Hurt You: Google

Have you ever thought that if someone within the so-called “bad neighborhood” places a link to any of your sites, your site could be penalized for being with such neighborhood notorious for “link farming”? Bad neighborhood is a virtual location where sites found here are characterized as heavily involved in linking to each other, without apparent reason to do so (unrelated themes, lack of relevant content, etc), hence the name spam links. So if someone from this community links to you, does it really make you become a member of such neighborhood? No.

It’s a featured blog at Search Engine Roundtable and is actually a Google Groups topic.

there are 28 spam blogs created (on blogspot) with link to my blog (on blogspot) to temper and bring down my search engine ranking. Please advice what to do ?

Wysz, a representative from Google has this to explain regarding that question:

…I wouldn’t really worry about spam sites hurting your ranking by linking to you, as we understand that you can’t (for the
most part) control who links to your sites. However, there is some action you can take if you come across spam in Google’s index. The preferred method of reporting spam to us is by clicking on “Report spam in our index” while logged into Webmaster Tools.

I think even without such tool to report spam activities (Wysz also suggests the Report Spam Tool), you won’t worry that much about getting penalized by search engines. Just like Google Bombing that made George Bush’s profile on White House website number one with a search for “miserable failure”, these linkers are beyond our control. They can link to us with or without our permission. That’s how the Web works, inter linking of pages, right?

The trouble starts when we start linking back to these sites. So we better focus on which sites we are linking to: are they worth linking to because their content complements what our web pages show? Or are they linked to only because we have a reciprocal link exchange agreement?

Even if our sites are a magnet for link spamming sites, unless we don’t return the favor of linking back to their “useless” pages, there’s nothing much to fret about.


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