Google Sitelinks: Overview and How To Get Them

Sitelinks (specifically Google Sitelinks) are links that appear together with a top ranking website for a particular search. Sitelinks don’t appear on every search query

YouTube Deep Linking

Just a while ago, I read the controversial traveling call in the NBA. It is somehow one of the most debatable calls from NBA referees,

How To Track and Count Number of Links in Google Analytics

Sometimes when we build web pages, we want to know how many visitors clicked on a link. It is somehow different from identifying how many

Google Sitelinks Update

Today I noticed that a Google search query for “living in hong kong blog” showed Google Sitelinks. As announced in Search Engine Roundtable, Google now

Open Directory / DMOZ for Sale to BOTW?

Sorry if it took a while for me to get my hand into posting entries here lately. One of the recent rumors I heard (for