Google Changes Page Titles on Search Results

An interesting observation I read from Philipp Lenssen’s Blogoscoped is that it is now possible for Google to alter page title on search engine results.

Keyword Ranking Now Embedded on Google Results: AJAX-based Google Results Coming Soon?

When I make my posts in my Hong Kong blog, I use its custom search function and directly copies the URL of desired search results.

Snippets? Google Displays Longer Descriptions for Longer Queries

In case you haven’t noticed, Google now displays longer snippets for certain search queries. Take a look at the following search results. Using “dh placement

Google Displays Duplicate Results

I recently revamped the look and feel of this blog and one of the changes I did was to convert the URL structure from the

Learnings from Matt Cutts’ Anatomy of Search Results Page

Matt Cutts recently had an informative video explaining the basics of the search result structure. More appropriately called the anatomy of search engine result, this