Taking Care of Reputation in Public Forums

Taking care of personal or company reputation online

In some occasions, public forums are places we can easily lose some of our well-guarded reputation. In the context of this post, what I am referring to is some business person who tries to put his/her best foot forward in order to gain good impressions from prospect business partners. At the same time, in the background, this person scrambles to fulfill certain promises made to an unaware business partner.

Look at the image above and read the contents. For those who find the graphic not legible enough, it shows a message of a forum member asking for clearer definitions of certain web analytics metrics. The question perfectly makes sense; we can’t expect everyone to be very good at every thing.

The problem was the identity he (or she) is using. He is using the name of the company (I believe) he is working for. Worse, the slogan at the footer shows he is working for a company that’s a web design and web development expert. Again, there’s nothing wrong to ask question if we don’t know. While he appears to be honest, he can’t pretend to know something (if he belongs to a company that is a “web design and web development expert”) if it shows he doesn’t know even the basic information an expert ought to know.

It’s not good to conclude his association with the links he posted on his signature but it will be simpler for him not to place the links below. Signature links are part of old tricks to achieve link popularity.