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Ten Things To Do When Google Traffic is Missing

Most of the sites that I maintain have Google search referrals as top source for visitor traffic. The popularity of search engines have made life better for sites that can’t afford advertising dollars.

But what if, for some reasons, Google traffic begins to drop? Do we have any contingency plans?

Let’s not play the game like Kinderstart (did you know that they lost the case against Google?) that sued Google for missing out on free traffic. Google provides free traffic and in many cases, shouldn’t be blamed if it chokes and unable to provide the usual visitor traffic. This also applies to other search engines, despite the fact that they deliver lesser number of visitors.

A good thread is going on at Webmasterworld. And here are the points I agree on:

  1. Explore more on email marketing.
  2. Add web site content.
  3. Update existing web content.
  4. Expand partnerships with other sites.
  5. Build reputation online through article submissions or joining forums.
  6. Explore competition and learn from them.
  7. Give more attention to long tail referrals.
  8. Build deep links through link baiting or article submissions.
  9. Start advertising or increase funding on PPC campaigns.
  10. Diversify. That’s what Google is doing themselves.

We all agree that Google provides us with free traffic but at the same time, we also invest countless hours improving our site. So obviously, it’s not an effortless thing to do. There must be some sort of consolation. Hopefully, the ten things above will be helpful when Google traffic is missing.

Do let me know if you have any questions on any of them.


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