The Dangerous .HK Domain

The next time we visit a website, think about the recent findings: almost one out of every five sites using “.hk” domain name is dangerous or potentially dangerous, according to a McAfee.

McAfee found the most dangerous domains to navigate to were “.hk” (Hong Kong), “.cn” (China) and “.info” (information).

Of all “.hk” sites McAfee tested, it flagged 19.2 per cent as dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors; it flagged 11.8 per cent of “.cn” sites and 11.7 per cent of “.info” sites that way.

In contrary, “.com”, currently the most popular domain only has about 5 percent considered dangerous.

The servers for “.hk” and “.cn” Web sites do not have to be in China; Web site operators can register sites from anywhere to target different geographies.

Other risky domains include “.ro” (Romania), with 6.8 per cent, and “.ru” (Russia), with 6 per cent of sites flagged as dangerous.

On the other side of the table, “.gov” (0.05%), “.jp” (0.1%) and “.au” (0.3%) provide the least threat.

We must then, be careful in visiting “.hk” and “.cn” sites or else we’ll be sorry. Especially if we are already aware of this McAfee finding.