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The Importance of Unique Page Titles

When I do SEO I always focus my attention on page titles. It is because page titles is among the most important elements in on-page optimization for search engines.

Even if this issue is a well-known fact, still many web sites do not provide a good description of their pages. Often times, it is the title of the homepage that is being copied into the internal pages which therefore does not help search engines distinguish the difference among those pages.

A common item I see when I do SEO is that page titles are very generic and does not seem to correlate with the page content. Therefore, even if the pages carry different titles, there is not much focus on the title keywords and the actual content.

On search engine results, page titles appear the most prominent since they are rendered in larger, bold font typefaces. If a title does not seem descriptive enough, it does not get a big share of clicks even if the page ranks highly on search results (search engines don’t have to rank them high anyway since there is already an anomaly with the way page titles are built).

Consider a thorough research before deciding on a page title. It’s because it is important to find out what are people typing in to look for those pages. The preferred approach is to look for the most used search phrases but since a lot of competitor are vying for such keyword, it is always a good idea to consider the less competitive keywords, incorporate them with the thought of the page and you get a nice, descriptive page title.


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