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Tools To Help Maintain Your Website

The tasks of a webmaster is typically described as to ensure uptime ratio is at optimal levels, virtually guarantee that no broken links exist within the site and loading time is at satisfactory as well as keep content timely and relevant.

While not adding to the tasks of a weary and tired webmaster, there are more things he/she can do to improve performance of the site, and deliver better user experience to visitors. So if you are a webmaster, these are the things you can do besides those described above.

Google Webmaster
With Google Webmaster, we will be able to identify the following issues (and make necessary actions):

* Which pages are not indexed, and therefore not showing on search results.
(Tweak content and probably more important is to improve linking structure that flows towards such pages.)

* Pages with duplicate page titles and meta descriptions.
(Prepare unique meta descriptions and page titles.)

* Which keyword phrases most often returned pages within our site.
(Enhance content using these keyword phrases.)

* Which pages gathered the most and least links.
(Do something to improve contents of those least linked or not linked pages)

* Verify if URLs we provided through sitemap.xml files generated broken links.
(Obviously, fix those broken links.)

In addition to these fairly technical issues, there is also one nice feature that is geared towards minimizing page exits. Google Webmasters tools also offers enhanced 404 pages even if it’s only a part of Google Labs’ Experimental Search. This allows someone who came across a broken link to receive page suggestions based on the broken URL.

Google Analytics
To get a glimpse of what’s going on within our site, Google Analytics can definitely help discover the following:

* What are the most popular pages through number of visitors.
* What keywords delivered most traffic.
* Which countries generated most visitors.
* Which sources (direct, referrals links, search engines) delivered most traffic?
* Etc.

Google Custom Search
Most users who can’t find content within our site will definitely consider using a site search function. However, they are helpless if we don’t have one in place. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that we put one especially if our site is complex and contains thousands of pages that may be difficult to seamlessly organize. Good news is that Google Custom Search is free and we don’t need advanced HTML knowledge to put code on our site.

Hopefully, we’re able to make use of these free tools in maintaining our site on a daily basis.


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